Note n°/RDPC/CC/SG portant application des Circulaires n°001/RDPC/PN et n°002/RDPC/PN du 15 novembre 2019 relatives aux opérations d’investiture des candidats du RDPC aux élections Législatives et Municipales du 09 Février 2020
16 novembre 2019
Circulaire N°/RDPC/PN Relative aux opérations d’investiture des candidats du RDPC à l’élection des conseillers municipaux du 9 février 2020
16 novembre 2019
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Note n°/CPDM/CC/SG to Implement Circulars n°__001/CPDM/NP and n°002/CPDM/NP of _15th november_2019___ on the nomination Procedures of CPDM Candidates in the Legislative and Municipal Elections of 9 February 2020

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This Note is to implement the provisions of the aforementioned Circulars, setting out the conditions for the nomination of Party candidates for the Legislative and Municipal elections of 9 February 2020.

  2. The CPDM’s objective during the legislative and municipal elections of 9 February 2020, is to reinforce the majorities it holds in the National Assembly and in municipal councils, in order to allow the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, to continue to govern calmly, and the Party to consolidate its leading position.
  3. The nomination procedures will be conducted in a transparent, rigorous, objective and respectful manner while considering certain values related to the preservation of living together such as consensus-building, fairness, sharing, openness, respect for diversity, promotion of new figures, gender and minorities.
  4. To achieve this in the current situation, the Party will have to present the right candidates, chosen from amongst our fellow militants, women, youths and men, committed, disciplined, confident and persuasive, competitive, able to influence and mobilize the required resources for the CPDM to triumph.
  2. The selection procedures of the Party’s candidates for the Legislative and Municipal elections will be conducted by separate Committees depending on the election.
  3. The Pre-selection Committee will be responsible for the main and decisive identification procedure of consensual lists, with the backing of grassroots militants.
  4. Each Pre-selection Committee will organize its work in order to obtain the consensual list of its electoral constituency.
  5. The Control and Supervisory Committees will supervise the selection procedure. Based on the lists received, they will verify the validity of the consensus and the conformity of the official documents in the files
  2. In accordance with the guiding concept of the National President’s Circulars, the choice of Party candidates for the Legislative and Municipal elections of 9 February 2020 must suit the grassroots’ expectation.
  3. The purpose is to find strong personalities whom the grassroots militants can identify themselves with and who are able to lead the Party to victory. They must be:
  4. committed, faithful and loyal;
  5. confident and pragmatic;
  6. mindful of Party’s interests rather than their personal political careers;
  7. disciplined in words and in action. In this respect, comrades who were sanctioned by the ad hoc Disciplinary Committee of 5 December 2013, following the last Legislative and Municipal elections, are automatically ineligible. In the same vein, the mayors sanctioned for mismanagement practices and those who are currently sued for corruption or embezzlement are ineligible.
  8. Any identified corrupt behaviour will disqualify the candidate.   
  1. Each Pre-Selection Committee will conclude its task by drawing up a consensual list.
  • At the beginning of the exercise, they will ensure the proper distribution of municipal councillors or parliamentary seats in the constituency, taking in consideration the aspects of sociological components, gender, youth, minorities and new figures.
  • In the event of multiple lists, the Pre-selection Committee will send candidates back to their various units and groups for a better distribution by the militants and the people, under the supervision of local Party leaders and community leaders.
  • In the event of an obstruction, the Pre-selection Committee shall proceed to vote, candidate versus candidate.
  • The head of the list will be chosen by the vote of the Pre-selection Committee, once the consensual list has been drawn up.
  • Sharing, openness and promotion of new figures are the core interests of the National President’s Circulars, which suit the socio-political evolutions of our nation with respect to the Party’s ideals.
  • The various Pre-selection and Nomination Committees must ensure that they are taken into account, in all intelligence, when selecting candidates.
  • Sharing means that elected positions and administrative responsibilities should not be concentrated within the same family, the same ethnic group, the same village or the same district.
  • Openness shall mean the consideration of sociological diversity, minorities, gender and youth (under 35 years of age).
  • The promotion of new figures shall mean injecting of fresh blood into the Party’s lists, whenever possible, especially in cases where competition is involved between comrades benefiting from parliamentary retirement.
  • Each Pre-Selection Committee will have a maximum period of forty-eight hours (2 days), from the official date of commencement of activities, to accomplish its mission.
  • The Control and Supervisory Committees will havea maximum period of twenty-four hours (1 day), to complete their work upon receipt of the files transmitted by the lower Committees.

Yaounde,  ………………..…………

                                           The Secretary General of the Central Committee,

                            Jean NKUETE