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10 décembre 2019
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10 décembre 2019
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Commentary : When regularity is trivialized

Masks have fallen off the faces of those who want to see Cameroon plunged into chaos and the escalation of the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest regions. The Cameroon government, on the impulse of the Head of State H.E Paul Biya, took advantage of the ongoing parliamentary session to implement reforms that needed the vetting of the legislator. These reforms stem from the successful Major National Dialogue.

One of the major reforms is on bilingualism, which among other things seeks to reinforce social cohesion and living together. Hence, the government sent a language bill to parliament for MPs to examine and adopt.

While the bill was following the normal procedure in parliament, some media organs, were hasty and used bogus and provocative headlines; telling of their bad faith and intellectual dwarfism.

These newspapers seem to celebrate the setback in the procedure of this bill because the government pulled it out of parliament. There were disagreements on some aspects of the bill. The fact that the bill was reverted to the government scores the vitality of democracy in Cameroon. More so, in a context where the government has an absolute majority in both houses, thus the legal and legitimate routes to pass the bill, the authorities preferred the option of a consensus

To boot, the Head of State has given direct instructions for the government to go beyond partisan views, embrace compromise, and show open-mindedness and flexibility, in view of quickly implementing the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue. Therefore, it is out of place to tag the government as being of bad faith because a bill is following the normal procedure in parliament. Rather, it is a powerful indication of democratic practices and the political will of the Head of State, to lay a foundation for a constructive dialogue on the timely reforms.

It is high time these all-knowing media outfits and enemies of peace take classes on democracy. There is no harm in learning. Somewhat in doing so, they will be less destructive to themselves and Cameroon.