Profession de Foi des candidates et des candidats du Rassemblement Démocratique du Peuple Camerounais aux Élections Législatives et Municipales du 09 Février 2020
25 janvier 2020
Double scrutin législatif et municipal du 9 Février 2020 : Ouverture officielle de la Campagne électorale à la Radio et à la Télévision – Déclaration de S.E. M. Jean Nkuete, Secrétaire général du Comité Central
26 janvier 2020
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Manifesto of Candidates of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement on Legislative and Municipal Elections of 9 February 2020

Dear Voters,

On 9 February 2020, on the occasion of the twin legislative and municipal elections, the people of Cameroon are called upon to choose their representatives in the National Assembly and in the Municipal Councils for the next five years.

As in the past, the elections will be conducted under a free and fair, democratic and transparent atmosphere. Each Cameroonian, registered on the electoral lists will have to vote according to his or her conscience and political convictions. Together, through our votes, we will write a new page in the challenging process of strengthening democracy in our country.

On the occasion of these elections, the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement has endorsed candidates in all legislative constituencies and municipalities. Its main objective is to reinforce the majorities that the party holds in the National Assembly as well as in the Municipal Councils, in order to ensure the peaceful continuation of the implementation of the economic, political and social programmes so happily initiated by President Paul BIYA, since his brilliant and indisputable re-election at the Helm of the State on 7 October 2018.

As a matter of fact, the institutional stability and harmonious development of our country stem from the concordance between the presidential majority and the parliamentary and municipal majorities.

  • The CPDM is the only political party that is committed to and stands resolutely close to the populations, without preference for locality, in their quest  for well-being and in their desire to increasingly claim ownership and better define their destiny.
  1. 10 Main benefits of the CPDM lists.

Be it in the legislative or municipal elections, the lists endorsed by the CPDM are exceptionally beneficial in the following ways:

  1. they are the grassroots’ choice;
  2. they reflect the diversity and unity of our country in all constituencies and municipalities;
  3. they are perfectly balanced and shaped in accordance with the requirements of the electoral code;
  4. they ensure the emergence of new figures in the national political class;
  5. they substantially strengthen the role and responsibilities of women, youth and minorities in the conduct of public affairs;
  6. they earmark criteria such as civic excellence, competence, commitment, fidelity and loyalty in national political practice;
  7. they bring together citizens who are fundamentally driven by the desire for peace, unity and prosperity for all, both at the local and national levels;
  8. they are supported by noble compatriots, whose only ambition is the development of our country and their respective localities;
  9. they bring together social classes with a perfect understanding of the present and future challenges that our country must deal with at the local and national levels in order  to speed up development;
  10. they guarantee the realization of Cameroon’s emerging projects and the Great Opportunities programme, purpose for which President Paul BIYA was re-elected last year.
  • Definitely, the lists of candidates endorsed by the CPDM on the occasion of February 9 elections are actually the best.
  •  10 main reasons to vote for CPDM candidates in the municipal elections.

During the twin elections of 9 February 2020, CPDM candidates are committed to give a new impetus to the management of local affairs in order to achieve a positive and efficient dynamic of the decentralization process.

To this effect, they shall:

  1. support people’s access to basic social services: water, energy, health, housing, etc;
  2. promote endogenous, inclusive, equitable and participatory growth in the various municipalities by involving all social groups, women, men and youths and people with reduced mobility, in the decision-making process at the municipal level
  3. stimulate local development through the implementation of infrastructure and technological projects aimed at positioning the municipality on the path of modernization;
  4. provide concrete solutions to certain problems such as training and employment of young people, women and people with disabilities at the local level; 
  5. make the municipality a pole of competitiveness and attractiveness by developing and encouraging local competence and setting up an incentive framework for municipal and international investments;
  6. transform the local community into a privileged framework for national integration, enhancement of national identity, effective practice of bilingualism and the promotion of multiculturalism;
  7. build up the municipality as a priority area for the fight against climate change;
  8. create a real attractiveness towards farm work in order to give agriculture, livestock, fishing and crafts the place they deserve in the various municipalities;
  9. promote local entrepreneurship and good practices in municipal development;
  10. contribute to making municipalities, peaceful living environments, conducive for the complete and overall development of the people.
  • The CPDM candidates will be the architects of the new vision of local governance that makes the municipality a determining factor in the quality of life, both democratically and economically, by giving the people full responsibility over their own destiny.
  1. 10 main reasons to vote for CPDM candidates in the legislative elections.

 During the twin elections of 9 February 2020, CPDM candidates are committed to speed up the modernization of the National Assembly and to completely restore the Parliamentarian’s reputation.

In this respect, they intend to:

  1. constitute a stable, loyal and responsible majority;
  2. resolutely support the people and carry their expectations and integrate them into the passing of laws;
  3. better monitor Government’s action in order to achieve the set objectives of the President of the Republic;
  4. make the National Assembly a place for open and positive discussions according to our longstanding traditions;
  5. pass laws that will contribute to the improvement of democracy and the rule of law;
  6. improve the quality of law as a force behind change, development, progress and the promotion of equal opportunities;
  7. speed up the process of an ideal Republic;
  8. strengthen and improve the people knowledge of civic education and citizenship so they may be better informed about their rights and duties;
  9. encourage a simplified lawmaking system;
  10. restore the Parliamentarians’ social reputation.
  • The CPDM candidates will be the architects of the new parliamentary dynamics and promote the modernization of State Institutions.

Dear Voters,

On 9 February 2020, go to the polls in your numbers to perform your obligations as responsible and loving citizens of your country.

On 9 February 2020, go to the polls in your numbers and vote with a sense of responsibility and awareness.

On 9 February 2020, go to the polls in your numbers and vote proudly for the CPDM Candidates.

Vote for CPDM Candidates,

it is the choice for Cameroon to advance methodically.

Vote for CPDM Candidates,

it is the surest way to build Cameroon.

Vote for CPDM Candidates,

is supporting sustainable peace in all parts of our country.

Vote for CPDM Candidates,

 is speeding up the process of local and participatory democracy,

a catalyst for the emergence of Cameroon.

Vote for CPDM Candidates,

is saying Yes!, to a united and decentralized Cameroon,

a guarantee for the harmonious living together,

sustainable and balanced development for all localities, in peace and harmony.