Double scrutin législatif et municipal du 9 Février 2020 : Ouverture officielle de la Campagne électorale à la Radio et à la Télévision – Déclaration de S.E. M. Jean Nkuete, Secrétaire général du Comité Central
26 janvier 2020
Campagne électorale : Le RDPC s’autofinance
27 janvier 2020
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Twin election legislative and municipal of 9 February 2020 : Official launching of the Electoral campaign on the Broadcast Media – Speech of H.E. Jean Nkuete, Secretary General of the Central Committee

On February 9, 2020, barely two weeks from now, we will all go to the polls to elect the Parliamentarians of the Nation as well as Municipal Councilors for the next five-year term.
In these elections, the CAMEROON PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT, as the leading party, has nominated candidates in all the legislative constituencies and in all the municipalities.
It is worth noting that the CPDM is the only political party that has done so.
It means that, other political parties have nominated candidates only where they think they can be victorious.
It also means that these political parties are more concerned with their personal as well as partisan interests.
Whatever the case, these political parties will take part in the twin elections on February 9 and thus contribute to the progress of democracy in our country.
The following four major reasons can best explain why the CPDM has nominated candidates nation wide:
1- The CPDM is the only political party strongly rooted all over the national territory and abroad.
2- It is the only political party resolutely committed, without political calculation, to always listen and be at the service of the people, in all the localities of the country.
3- The CPDM is the only political party whose organizational strength and experience constitute definite and incomparable assets for the methodical conquest of electoral victories.
4- The CPDM intends to strengthen the action of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, by giving him the consolidated and legitimized majorities that he needs to continue working, in peace and serenity, with a view to peace, unity, territorial integrity and progress in Cameroon.
We must not forget that in a democratic country like ours, when the President of the Republic is strongly supported by a steady majority in the parliament as well as municipalities, the institutions operate better, peace reigns and the faster the rate of development.

Today, at the launching of the electoral campaign, permit me to first of all talk to you about the CPDM candidates.
It should be noted that, the CPDM candidates nominated to the elections on February 9, are very good candidates. To be more precise, they are actually the best candidates for the legislative and municipal elections in Cameroon.
The reasons are because:
• They are women, men and youths who constitute the grassroots’ choice, following the directives personally given by the National President, His Excellency Paul BIYA;
• They truly reflect the diversity and unity of our country in all constituencies and municipalities;
• They make up a perfectly balanced and established list based on the prescriptions of the electoral code.
• They are made up of many new figures and head the renewal of the political class in our country.
• They are candidates who significantly strengthen the role and responsibilities of women, youths and minorities in the conduct of public affairs.
• The CPDM candidates were selected based on the criteria of excellent citizenship, competence, commitment, trustworthiness and loyalty in political affairs in Cameroon.
• They are all noble citizens, fundamentally driven by the deep desire for peace, unity and prosperity for all, both locally and nationally.
• Finally, they are candidates who can guarantee the realization of an emerging Cameroon as well as President Paul BIYA’s programme of “Great Opportunities” for which he was re-elected last year.

• Dear Electors
• Dear Compatriots,
Allow me to humbly and sincerely inform you, that there is no better of candidates than that of the CPDM.
There are no better candidates like those of the CPDM, to ensure the ongoing construction of Cameroon in peace, unity, tolerance, justice and joy.
Be rest assured that, after their brilliant election by a massive vote on your part, the Parliamentarians and the Municipal Councillors from the CPDM Party will be humble, patriotic and relentless workers at the service of general interest, with President Paul Biya.
➢ You, Women of Cameroon, our sisters, our mothers, our inspirers, you who are the foster mothers of our country.
I request you to make the right choice, that of the CPDM candidates. These are the only candidates that reserve a special place for women, according to the political project of our
Head of State, President Paul Biya, who has empowered Cameroonian women at all levels and has made of it a major focus of his integration policy.
➢ You, Youths : students, employees, graduates, motorbike riders, street vendors, resourceful or unemployed, despite the difficult times, you remain a major concern of the President of the Republic and the Government in the search for global solutions for the wellbeing of our compatriots. In this regard, you occupy a prominent place in the lists of the CPDM candidates.
➢ You, the people of the Far-North Region, you who have faced, for years, with courage, tenacity and resistance, the Boko Haram terrorist group.
I want to assure you all of our support and solidarity. You can appreciate, every day, the important means deployed by the State under the impulse of President Paul BIYA, to defeat Boko Haram and restore peace to your localities.
By massively voting for the CPDM candidates, you will allow the Head of State to continue with ease the fight for peace, against poverty and for the improvement of your living conditions
➢ Finally, you, electors, dear compatriots of the North-West and South-West, to confirm that since the holding of the Major National Dialogue, the return to normal life is resolutely underway in your both regions.
You acknowledged that the CPDM is the only political party that has effectively stood by your side since the beginning of the crisis. You have never been and will never be alone in these difficult times. The CPDM supports the tireless efforts of the President of the Republic to find a final solution to your difficulties.
That is why I am asking you to vote overwhelmingly for the CPDM lists so that your worries already taken into account in the new special status enjoyed by your regions be implemented by women and men with a high sense of public responsibility.

Now, dear compatriots, allow me to draw your attention to the behaviour of some of our brothers and sisters, leaders of political parties, whom we respect so well, but whose political immaturity, we disapprove of.
They freely renounced taking part in the twin elections on February 9, after having asked their supporters to prepare actively for it. Today, to everyone’s astonishment, they are calling for a boycott of the elections.
Permit me to tell you that, these attitudes are appalling, anti-democratic, unpatriotic, irresponsible and unworthy of serious politicians.
Whether they are in power or not, political leaders have the duty to show proof of civic-mindedness and patriotism,
calling on every citizen who has registered in the voter lists, to vote at the appointed time. Because, voting, is an ideal constituent act of democracy.
Democracy was needed, to exercise our freedom to choose our leaders. No one can claim to prevent us from exercising this fundamental freedom and right.
So, on February 9, we will all go to the polls to vote for our new Municipal Councillors and Parliamentarians, also, to ostensibly translate our love for our country and our homeland.

Dear Electors,
On February 9, 2020, we should go massively to the polls to fulfil our duty as citizens who love their country.
On February 9, 2020, we should go massively to the polls and vote all good conscience and responsibility.
On February 09, 2020, we should go massively to the polls and vote, proudly, for the CPDM candidates.
By voting for the CPDM candidates,

  • we will make of Cameroon a country which advances methodically;
  • we will make of Cameroon a country which develops with assurance;
  • we will make of Cameroon an ever more attractive country, thanks to the more enhanced influence of its brand image within and across its borders;
  • we will say “Yes » for a united, indivisible and decentralized Cameroon, pledge of harmonious living together and sustainable and balanced development of all localities, in peace and harmony;
  • we will give the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA new and additional assets for the efficient accomplishment of the Seven Years of Great Opportunities.
    So, dear compatriots and electors, we should go massively to the polls on February 9, 2020 and vote with enthusiasm for the CPDM candidates, by throwing this white bulletin into the ballot box.